The Guidelines for YOUR and OUR care:

1​. Please arrive about 10 minutes before your appoint time. Allow for time after your massage to relax. Take a walk outside, to breathe to enjoy. 

2.​​​ My Somatic Bodywork is not intended to replace allopathic [conventional] medicine, but rather to complement it. If presenting or new symptoms persist or your ailment is severe, please immediately consult a medical doctor.

3. My Somatic Bodywork practitioners are not medical doctors - practitioners do not make medical diagnosis, do not prescribe medications and/or medical treatments,  and do not interfere with prescribed medications and/or medical treatments.

4. Visit our Policy Page for when life doesn't go according to your plan. If you are ill please call to reschedule your appointment.

Stephanie Meredith, HHP

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      David Lopez, HHP, SEP

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Disclaimer: The information and experiences offered are in no way a substitute for diagnosis, advice and treatment by a medical professional. You should consult with a licensed physician if you believe that you have a health problem and before beginning alternative courses of treatment please visit your doctor.
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My Somatic Bodywork Code of Ethics.

My Somatic Bodywork provides a safe, secure, grounded environment for clients that promotes healing.

My Somatic Bodywork holds the following beliefs of the therapeutic alliance: unconditional positive regard for our clients, empathic understanding of our clients own experience, and shared agreement of our clients goals.
My Somatic Bodywork maintains a professional relationship with clients ensuring their right to privacy and confidentially. As health care professionals, our practitioners will do no harm to themselves or others. Any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances made will result in immediate termination. If any pain or discomfort happens during a session, immediately inform the practitioner so that the pressure and/or strokes may be adjusted to your level of comfort.

​My Somatic Bodywork brings Somatic Awareness though all channels of the body, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual to facilitate healing.

​My Somatic Bodywork has committed to expanding skills and knowledge in the profession of Bodywork Therapy and to promote the highest quality of care to our clients. As members both ABMP and CAMTC, ​My Somatic Bodywork abides by the
ABMP Professional Code of Ethics and the California Massage Therapy Council message to protect the public.

​As trained Somatic Experiencing Professionals, our practitioners acknowledge that as the practitioner, we are a witness, and guide to your 
​phenomenological body. As practitioners, we witness our clients own self-healing through bodywork.

Our practitioners have been trained in trauma informed care:

​​Safety - Empower our clients to create session goals that promote healing

​Trustworthiness - Trust is built, learned and modeled

​​Choice - Each client has voice, input, and choice with each session design

Empowerment - Celebrate clients accomplished goals and new found strength

Collaboration​​​​ - Each session is designed to meet the client session goals

For more information on Trauma Informed Care visit
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My Somatic Bodywork sessions often provide a blend of different massage techniques, and skills to support our client’s health and wellbeing. My Somatic Bodywork therapists have a high standard of professional competence in massage therapy, trauma and recovery counseling.

​​Our therapists are educated in traditional massage therapies with over 1500 hours of massage education. In addition to massage therapy, our therapists have also been educated in trauma healing by the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, as well as being educated in addiction recovery counseling from the University of California at San Diego.

"Touch the body. Calm the mind. Heal the spirit."
                                                           - Anonymous